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National Turkey Association welcomes new partners willing to contribute to Russian turkey market development and interested in effective cooperation. We introduce your company to the local market!

National Turkey Association was founded to support the growth of turkey market in Russia and boost the turkey consumption. The major NTA target is to provide the helping hand to start-up projects, to support the business interests of private farmers and investors, to connect the interested business parties and to promote the business partners interests within the general development of turkey industry in Russia.

NTA mission is to contribute to the turkey market development in Russia by supporting all the interested players of the industry: farmers, suppliers, investors, consumers, authorities.

NTA is working on:

  • organizing the scientific conferences and professional events;
  • making the contacts between the business sector and authorities easier;
  • providing high-level training in different countries for young specialists;
  • arranging the direct contacts between the foreign turkey business and local customers and farmers;
  • providing professional consulting service for start-up projects, farmers, investors;
  • supporting the business development of companies-partners, etc.

NTA major targets are:

  • growth of the turkey market in Russia; development of big companies and small farmers;
  • effective cooperation with local and federal authorities, with Agricultural Ministry;
  • scientific researches and implementations of innovations in turkey production;
  • distribution of professional knowledge among the turkey business practitioners;
  • support for the business planning; technological assistance for investors and industry beginners;
  • acquiring investments for the industry; cooperation with prospective investors and state funds;
  • credits, insurances and loans for the private farmers.

The president of NTA is Dr. Edward Dzhavadov, doctor of veterinary science, the director of National Scientific-Research Veterinary Institute of Poultry (VNIVIP, St-Petersburg).

The general director of Association is Mr. Yuri Markov, a professional veterinarian, the production top manager of a successful turkey operation in a central Russia.

NTA office is located in Moscow. We speak English and German. We are ready for questions, suggestions, offers, discussions, exchange of professional opinions, communication and cooperation!

Contact phone/fax: +7 (495) 661-67-30
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